Thank you for coming into clinic today.

Dressed smartly in a formal dress, white over coat, disposable apron, face mask and examination gloves, I - your hot doctor - understand that it can be embarrassing attending a medical examination for such intimate symptoms, it is important, however, that I give you a thorough intimate examination.

After being instructed to take down your trousers, you struggle to hide the excitement in your cock... All of a sudden your uncomfortable symptoms seem to have taken a back seat.

Trying to remain as professional as possible, I offer you a moment to attempt to control your excitement, it is seeming impossible, you are just so incredibly turned on by your hot blonde doctor!

Unable to postpone any further, I decide to get on with the examination... Your cock throbbing, you are struggling to control your excitement as my fingers slide over your cock, squeezing, stretching, and pulling your foreskin back.

The examination concludes with a swab for infection, you struggle again with the intimate and inappropriate contact. Your over excitement is apparent and wanting to avoid a premature ejaculation, I swiftly conclude and invite you back to my desk to discuss further.

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