Goddess Hayden Hart - Cuck Sissy Bath Time

Custom "You are in the bathroom by the tub starting to fill it and gather up soap, shampoo, bathbrush, etc. You excitedly call me in to bathroom for my bath. You say that you just got a call from your new boyfriend and he's coming over early. You need to give my a bath because you want to make a good impression on him. My job, as your cuck sissy, is to give blowjobs to your dates while they are waiting for you to get ready..........and you always keep them waiting. I either blow them while they are on the couch waiting or in your presence. You need to bathe me clean as afterwards you will probably grease my ass so it can be ready fro your boyfriend in case you want him to fuck me. It also helps they they fuck me prior to their date with you because you make them so horny that they want to fuck you the second they see your beautiful lips and body. Fucking me cools them off for awhile so that they can concentrate on you better. Anything that you do to me to get me ready with some soap involved would be really fucking hot. In the bathroom you start describing how you are going to scrub me tonight and wash me all over with girly smelling soap, as you usually do before a date. As you prepare the bath you tell me that if I'm good and hold still you may use the "special grease" on my ass tonight for your boyfriend. You can get a telephone call while washing me (or getting bath ready) from one of your friends. You describe in detail how you are going to get fucked tonight and what you are doing to get me ready (washing, scrubbing. greasing after) Your boyfriend calls and says that he is still at work - you tell him to rush over. You then tell me that he's coming over all dirty and sweaty. "You know what that means" you tell me. "He's gonna need a dicksoaping as soon as he gets here" Of course I know exactly what that is as I have given them to dozens of your boyfriends. (Discksoaping means that you will soap up boyfriend's penis and I must suck/wash it so that he will be nice and clean for you) All through out bath you talk on and on about how excited you are about boyfriend, like I 'm one of the girls. You tell me that if I do a good job fucking him for you you might let me greet you both after the date and clean his dick (or whatever else you order me to do) You then remind me of what happened with your last boyfriend when he had to give me a beating with a strap because he didn't like the I gave him his nightly blowjob. You inform me that y9our new boyfriend will now be in charge of me so I better be behave and attend to all of his needs exactly the way he wants. You remind me that he may even give me a beating just because he feels like it. You give me a scary look to remind me of what may happen to me. Yo u then go overt to the cabinet and lay out the strap that he's probably going to use. You switch back and forth from speaking to me in a sympathetic voice (i'll try to talk to him about not giving you such a bad beating) to an indifferent tone. You consistently remind me that everything I do is to make his life easier and that you have no interest in intervening on my behalf. You can talk about how excited you are to be with him and get fucked by him, almost assuming that I will be excited for you because what I want has no meaning to you. You tell me that if I am a good boy during my beating you may let me cuddle with you two afterwards. Of course, the point of this is for me to stroke his cock while you cuddle with him."

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