Isla Foxx - Gaslighted Gay

You are gay - trust me baby - you're gay. We had this conversation before and we definitely all agreed you're gay so it's totally unfair to back out of this now. You always do this - you say something and then change your mind and it's not fair - you promised you'd do this for me - you promised you'd suck cock and now you're just trying to get out of it. I don't even see what the problem is - you're gay - totally fucking gay. You want cock in your mouth - you even said so. You said you wanted to suck cock, you said you wanted a man to put his big, thick cock in your mouth. You said you wanted a superior Alpha male to use your throat as his personal masturbation aid - you said you wanted a guy to cum right down your throat - don't you remember, faggot? You said and you promised me and I'm not going to let you ruin it!
The other night after you'd had a few drinks I asked you if you had ever had gay fantasies and you admitted you'd thought about sucking cock. I guess you've conveniently forgotten about our little talk - after all it was pretty embarrassing for you. I totally called you out for being gay and you blushed and squirmed and felt awkward and ashamed and stuttered and eventually admitted everything - that you're gay for cock. Why would I lie about it faggot? You admitted you want to be some hung stud's bottom bitch - to be used and fucked and humiliated. You want to be gang-fucked by room of gay porno-studs. You want to be pinned down and taken by guy after guy. You want your holes filled with cock and then hosed with cum. You said so - don't you remember faggot? I'm totally telling you the truth - you're so gay and you're trying to forget about it!
You believe me don't you? You believe that you're gay now, right? So if you're gay you'll do what you promised and suck cock for me. You'll open your mouth and let a man use it to satisfy himself with, won't you faggot. You'll pleasure him, you'll suck his hard cock and tease his balls with your tongue - just like a gay cock-sucker would. You'll kneel before a real man and worship his mighty cock. You'll beg him and promise to make him cum and you'll promise to swallow every drop of his superior load won't you faggot? You will because you're gay and this is what gays do. I've been looking forward to watching you do this ever since you confessed you gay-boi fantasies. I've been looking forward to seeing you submit to cock so much and finally you're going to do it for me aren't you. Say it, faggot - tell me you're going to suck cock for me - admit you're gay - and beg me to let you suck cock.

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