AstroDomina - Futa Dick In You

So I have a dick, what's the big deal? Ah, you like it? Good, now show me how you plan to worship it.

When Sydney walks into your place, she's really impressed. She's not sure what the plan is though. Are you taking her out or staying in? Oh, there's something you wanted to talk to her about? Why are you so shy about it? You want to confirm the rumor that Sydney does indeed have a cock? That she is a girl with a dick? So what if it's true? Oh, you like girls with dicks? Well good. Because Sydney is about to show you. But you should examine things closer. So get on your knees. You're surprised to see Sydney still wears panties. And you're even more surprised when she whips it out. Surprised but very turned on. You want to suck on Sydney's cock and worship it so badly. You get a closer look and when Sydney starts stroking her cock, you give up all resistance.

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