Wtf Is Chastity Loser Isla Foxx Friendzone Rejection Humiliation

Like it's so cute you asked me and everything but I kinda don't get it. It's called 'chastity' you said? You want a girl to 'own your cock'? I mean it's a bit unusual I guess - I just take this key and you 'have' to do everything I say? That's how it works? Your cock goes into this little device and there's a lock and then it's trapped - like properly trapped? You can't get hard or touch it or have sex or cum or do anything other than piss from it without my permission? Ahhhh. and I only give you permission if you do everything I say. and you do everything I say because you want to get back out of the device again. Right, OK so I'm kinda getting it now. Being in the chastity thingy makes you my slave and you don't even have a choice. Yeah - I think I could look after that key of yours. I can be your 'keyholder' and boss you around and bully you a little - sure, I'll do it!
I just don't understand - why would you ask me to do this to you and not someone. well, someone less bitchy? I'm the girl that totally rejected you and friendzoned you after all - I'm always mean to you. Surely you'd know I'd be extra cruel to you when I have you locked away in chastity? Is it because I'm super-hot? Does it make the whole experience even more intense for you knowing that the hottest girl you know has the key to your cock? Will you get even more leaky and drooly in that thing because the girl of your dreams has the key and is being such a bitch to you? cos y'know I'm gonna be right? I'm gonna be a total fucking bitch with you in that cage. That's what you wanted. you wanted your super-hot friend-zoning dream-girl to lock you up and be a total bitch to you. and that's exactly what you're gonna get loser.
No more touching your cock while you dream about girls like me, you won't be getting hard thinking about the day I rejected you anymore, you won't be jerking off to pictures of me and my snarky girlfriends, and you definitely won't be dating other girls either. You're going to be far too busy doing everything I tell you to do. Doing my homework, taking me shopping, driving me over to my boyfriend's house, tidying my apartment, cleaning my shoes and running errands for me. You're gonna be such a busy little chastity-bitch for me - and every time you fuck-up or annoy me or pout at one of my snobby orders - you're gonna earn an extra week in that cage so you'd better keep me happy right loser? I'm gonna tease you and make fun of you and bully you all the time and there's nothing you can do about it - I own your cock so I own you! and that's exactly what you wanted remember?

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