Mistress LucyXX - Peepers Penectomy

You've been caught spying through the key hole at your Nanny! When she opens the door she see's you're not only peeping but your masturbating too!

After demanding you enter her room she strips and ties you naked, spread eagle completely unable to move.

Now obviously she needs to teach you a lesson for being such a filthy boy. She take her paddle hairbrush and proceeds to spank you on your balls. Smiling as she watches you squirm, laughing as she tells you what a dirty little pervert you are.

But after you've had your spanking she realizes there's nothing stopping you doing it again. No. more drastic action is needed.

So out comes the First Aid kit, surely there's something in there that'll help cure you.

Hmmm don't worry Little One. Nanny knows best!

MP4 * 1.02 GB * 00:11:37 * 1920x1080

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