Goddess Jordan Black - My sissys addiction

Once again, here you are before me my sissy bitch! You know you can't stay away from me tormenting your locked up clitty and hazing your mind with that magical bottle of Rush. No, this is no relapse-fantasy my darling, you're mistaking your obsessive addiction of buying custom clips from your favorite Goddess when you're being ordered to do so. You know you could never abstain from such a treat. You're too weak and too infatuated with my divine body, my shiny sexy attire, my perfect legs encased in silky nylons and you want nothing more than to be taught how to be a sissy whore. You love it when I dress you up like a slut and lock your clitty up in that e-stim belt. You can't do anything but drool at my feet while sniffing your manhood away, becoming just a dizzy, leaking sissy slut.

MP4 * 1.21 GB * 00:21:13 * 1920x1080

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