Miss Alika White - Sissy Submission Training

Being a sissy slave is so easy, even a dumb bitch like you can be a good, submissive sissy.

The golden rule of being my sissy slave is that all of your holes are ALWAYS open. You're nothing but a fuck doll who's only job is to submit to my demands and submit to big alpha cocks like a little slut.

Pussy, wimpy beta males like you make the perfect sissy slaves. I'm going to teach you to submit completely to cock. I'll tell you how you'll be referred to from now on, how you'll be treated, how to talk to a horny alpha to please him like a good girl, how to suck, fuck and swallow and more.

Sissy sluts never say "no" to cock. I tell you to spread your legs for him, you do it. Simple!

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