Miss Alika White - Ultimate Sissy Training

This is the best sissy training video I’ve made. I’ve thrown everything in this one. If you don’t want spoilers, don’t read the rest of the description. It’s time to accept your new reality as my sissy cuck. The first thing you’ll learn is that you’re not going to be stroking your little clit. Why would I let you do that? It’s not about your pleasure it’s about mine and his. Who is he? He’s the big black guy whose cock you’re going to be sucking to get him nice and hard for me. This is the only way you can give sexual pleasure to me, by making my man hard so he can fill my pussy. So you’re going to get on your knees and bow to his superior black cock. Then you’ll learn how to pleasure him with your mouth and ass. You will worship his cock because it can give a woman the kind of pleasure you can only dream of giving. You better get ready because he won’t be going easy on you. Your eyes will be watering as you gag and have his huge cock rammed up your ass. After an intense 20 minutes of serving us, you’ll get a final humiliating task. If you pass you’ll get to have a sissy-gasm. If you fail, you’ll be punished.

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