Charlotte Stokely - Oh It's Much Gayer Than You Thought

Hi looser. You’ve. for a long long time wondered if you are a faggot or not. Well, today I’ll help you once for all understand if you are straight or a faggot.

I know that you have a straight lifestyle but you’ve been crossdressing for years. Sure, lots of men crossdress and many of them are straight. Crossdressing is almost normal.

However, this is where it gets a bit interesting , when you started watching porn, like a pathetic Virgin. There was something different with you instead of fantasizing about being the big dicked pornstar wanting to fuck the hot women, did you want to be like the women in the movie? Pleasing men and getting fucked hard by big Cocks, specially big black men while women laughed at you?

That's why you couldn't satisfy your girlfriends. Unless you thought about taking cocklike a faggot, you couldn't even stay hard.

Yes faggot I know you have been hard all this time. Get ready to Cum in your mouth! if you are Jerking to me you might as well be Jerking to big Cocks with fingers in your faggot ass and eating your cum.

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