Emily Valentina - Executrix Boob Smother

Its our wedding night, and you, as a geriatric billionaire, are over the moon over the fact that a young, sexy woman like me seemed to truly appreciate you for your personality - not like those gold diggers who clearly only want you for your money. Of course, your oral skills certainly help your case a lot- which is why were spending our first night together as a married couple with me sitting on your face, and occasionally pressing my massive bosom over your airways... with a little more pressure than expected... as a reward for being such a good husband, of course, since you LOVE my huge boobs. Oh, wow, you look pretty overwhelmed with all this tit worship! Guess its time to switch over to my pussy and ass... I giggle, as your vision starts blurring from lack of oxygen... maybe I should get up soon? Or maybe, just maybe, Ill just press down a little harder... inherit 80 billion dollars... and stop to gloat over my latest conquest, before perfectly playing the part of a grief-stricken widow in an Oscar-worthy performance before the town coroner.

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