Janira Wolfe - Focus on his Pleasure Not your

you know what I'm really fucking sick of? I'm sick of all these half-ass sissies. True sissies have their useless clit-dicks locked up 24/7, and don't pussy out every time they're faced with the opportunity to have their holes filled by real cocks. So, today, I'm going to train you toward actually becoming a real sissy... via this video... because you know I'm not about to waste My time individually training anyone who has not proven themselves willing and wanting to take the plunge.

Yes, I'm going to teach you how to perform the perfect blowjob, and take nice big cock up your pussy. But the take-home message here is something deeper. you see, the reason you've been unable to do things like ACTUALLY suck a cock, or even cum in chastity via your sissy hole, is because you're being selfish. Until today, all you've cared about, deep down, are your own fantasies and desires. But that's not what being a sissy slut is about. you need to be focused on the wants and needs of the man with the cock. Only when you learn to selflessly pleasure his cock, will you graduate to true sissy status.

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