Mistress Lucy Khan - Mistress Lucys Hairy Armpit Seduction

My underarm hairs have been growing unencumbered for the last few months and now it’s time for you to pay homage to their glory. Just think, each delicate hair contains an entire symphony of aromas, capturing My sweat as I rest, eat, exercise, and cum. My entire universe is contained under My arms and I have to tell you, it smells SO GOOD. Not even I can resist indulging in My Own scent, so I know that just one sniff and you’ll be beholden to Me for life. I’m going to keep growing these hair out so My power over you increases exponentially. You’ll become so addicted to My scent that you’ll be begging Me to take control of the most intimate part of you: your cock. That’s right, come here, take a whiff, and hand your jewels over to your new keyholder. May you never have to think for yourself again...

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