Natasha's Bedroom - Emasculation Game

Are you a man? Or just a little bitch? Let's find out. Get ready for a game of manhood...

My emasculation game will determine just how much of a  man you are -- or are not. There are 18 questions, ranging the spectrum of desirable masculine qualities. That's 18 opportunities to prove yourself as a REAL MAN. But, more likely in your case, it's 18 chances to fall short.

Each question contains one possible point. Each point you miss is one emasculating push down the male feeding chain. You will count up your points at the end, quantifying just how far short you fall. I'll tell you exactly what your score means and reveal the cutoff number, below which you can hardly be considered a man at all.

Each time you miss a point while we're playing the game? You'll have to do something humiliating for me.

Your inadequacies have never been laid forth so clearly. Quantified and proven. After this, you'll have no choice but to accept the truth.

MP4 * 835 MB * 00:28:27 * 1920x1080

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