Empress Jennifer - Findom Curious

Jennifer knows youre Findom curious. She wants you to know its ok. Its perfectly normal for someone like you to want to spoil someone like Her. Once you start spending money and Jennifer starts getting happy, youll realize how amazing it is. After a while youll tribute more and more, and Jennifer will just get happier and happier! Its not hard to tribute. And its not hard to know what Jennifer wants. Shes made a wish list! Isnt that easy? Now, at first you might feel a little sting in your wallet. But that discomfort goes away. Youll be conditioned to get used to it. Jennifer is a Princess. A Princess should be happy. You are the perfect person to make Her happy. You have money. You have a wallet. All you need to do is just open up your wallet and give Her the money. Feeling rinsed and drained will become the best feeling in the world to you. Go ahead. Give in to your Findom curiosity.

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