Mean Cashleigh, Jessie Boulevard - Sissified By The Salon Brats

This is going to be so humiliating for you sissy - and there's nothing you can do to get out of it. You have an appointment at the salon and you're going to be completely feminized. It's going to be mortifying for you. All the salon girls are in on it and they've all agreed to make this the most humiliating day of your life. You're having a full make-over in the hottest salon in town. Can you imagine - a salon full of snobby mean girls with front-row seats to witness your total emasculation! The giggles, the whispering. the full out-loud laughter, the pointing! You're going to be the laughing stock!

We've told the girls to go full sissy on you to make sure you are totally overwhelmed with humiliation. They're going to paint your nails the cutest shade of barbie pink to match your lipstick. They're going to give you a full pansy-pornstar face of makeup with huge lashes to show off your pretty eyes. You're going to get the cutest hairstyle too sissy - long blonde curls all down your back with ribbons and bows to make it look EVEN more girly and cause you EVEN more humiliation!

Don't think for one second you'll get used to the humiliation either sissy - it'll get worse and worse for you all day long! The salon brats will make fun of you and tease you. They'll take photos of you to put on social media and to share with their girlfriends. They'll make fun of you with the customers - you won't get any sympathy for your predicament at all - quite the opposite. Everyone will enjoy watching you squirm with shame sissy. You'll have nowhere to escape to - you'll be tied to your salon chair and made to suffer all the humiliation they decide to give you.

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