Kylee Nash - Student Dominated By Professors BBC

I am a professor at a prestigious university, and you are an entitled brat of a student who thinks he deserves a better grade just because his step-father donates a lot of money to the school. Telling you that I think we can work something out, I unbutton my dress, getting your hopes up as I reveal my big tits. But then I lift up my skirt to reveal something you weren't expecting - my big, black, strap-on cock! Before you know what's happening, I've got you bent over and I'm fucking your tender ass with my thick, black dick, shouting at you and berating you as I tear you a new hole. I use the "n" word repeatedly as I tell you how I'm going to rip you open with my big "n" dick every day from now on. I mock and taunt you, reminding you that you're not the one in power here. I cum hard a few times as I tear your asshole to shreds, angrily fucking you with my "n" dick before I toss you out of my office.

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