You serve one purpose in life and that is to produce cum for me in my harvesting facility. I'm here to check up on your and to make sure you meet your daily quota.

You've been waiting patiently in your cage. Sydney shows up at her usual time and asks if you're ready for your milking. Oh how you wish you could just respond for once. Not that it would matter. The sequence of events would be the same anyway. She lubes her gloves and starts rubbing your dick. As much as you hate what's going on, you can't help but get hard in the presence of such awesomeness. Sydney reminds you that you have a quota to attain. Three loads tonight. Sydney reminds you that in this milking facility, they only bring in the cream of the crop, and you are Sydney's prize cow. She has the special talent to make you cum so easily. And often. Sydney reminds you that the only thing you're good for is to produce cum for the mistresses.

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