Goddess Alexandra Snow - Slave Puppet

With just a word and a glance I can make you do anything. You don't even need to go down for me anymore. All I need to do is tell you to worship and you're on your knees. But today you are going to go down for me. You're going to go into a place of such sweet submission that you won't even feel in control of your own body. You'll feel your hands pressing against the floor in worship. Your lips will move to worship my boots as you kiss them. You cock will stiffen with arousal without ever being touched. Why? Because you're my little slave puppet, that's why. I move my hands and yours move the same way. You dangle on little strings for me, just waiting to do as you're told. You'll worship every inch of my shiny slick ass and my leather boots because I make you do so. There's no control here. There's just me and you, my little obedient slave doll.

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Goddess Alexandra Snow - Slave Puppet Jerk off me

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