British Bratz - Lady Nat - High And Wasted

Are you ready to get wasted? I'm going to get you so fucked up today. Getting you high from those nitrates and humiliating you for my entertainment. Grab that bottle, put it to your nose and sniff it deep for a nice long 10 seconds. I'm going to push you right in at the deep end, I'm not going to slowly ease you, I'm going to fuck you up so much.

I want your head dizzy, I want you on a completely different planet and I want you to do exactly as I say. Now stroke that cock for me and cover the other nostril and inhale for another 10 seconds. Don't stop. Keep going! I want you to hit that bottle over and over again. Now slide those fingers in and fuck that ass. You love giving up control to me, don't you. You really are such an easy target. Weak and begging to become weaker. Int0xicating you with my fierce beauty and powerful nature you will hit that bottle hard and on every click of my fingers. Intense, fast and hugely intoxicating. Sniff it all up bitch, I want you to completely lose yourself for me.

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British Bratz - Lady Nat - High And Wasted Jerk off me

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