Exquisite Goddess - Lip potion mesmerize

You are laying down and I am leaning forward as if I was on top of you., I tell me to relax and breathe me in. You feel my perfect body on top of you, but all you can see is my face and cleavage. My lips contain a magical potion that both arouse and relax with each kiss. Even without the magic, they would arouse you because they are so full and beautiful, you would still be blown away. My whispers also calm, mesmerize, and seduce you.. For each kiss, YOU can see the cleavage of your big breasts that blow you mind even more and mesmerize me more. I can't help but sink deeper because of the sheer pleasure my lips bring with each kiss. You can see I can't take it anymore, so you say I will make me cum just with MY kisses and the pressure of MY body on top of you. I count down with each slow kiss, and when I reach zero, I give me a long, mind blowing kiss, hotter than YOU could ever imagine, You orgasm so incredibly hard and fall completely under MY spell and am mine forever

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Exquisite Goddess - Lip potion mesmerize Jerk off me

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