Natasha's Bedroom - The Forgetting Game

Let your body relax and slip down...down...down into my sweet trance. You will awake anew. Reborn. Breathe in and out. A blank slate ready to be molded however I see fit. Breathe nice and slow. You will be wiped clean, emptied out, and reprogrammed. Every breath taking you down deeper, mind and body uniting into one compliant entity. Slipping away.

My words are my eraser, scrubbing your brain clean, clear, fresh, and new. My words are my pencil, recreating you, filling your mind with new substance.

One memory at a time, invoked and then forgotten. The history of your life annihilated. Cleaned out like cluttered house. The sweet freedom of induced amnesia. You're a blank slate now, ready to be molded however I see fit.

All thoughts gone, all memories flushed away, except for the ones that truly matter. All your mind can recall is me. It's always been me and only me. This isn't an addiction. Your devotion to me IS you. This obsession defines you. It is all you are and all you have ever been.

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