Princess Miki - Lovesick Mindfuck

FOR BEST RESULTS, WATCH IN A DARK ROOM WITH HEADPHONES. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK, AS THERE IS PLENTY SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING FOR A DANGEROUS, BUT EUPHORIC MINDFUCK. Ever since you stumbled upon me, you knew you were in trouble. You saw my beautiful face, my young, beautiful body, and listened to my sensual voice, which can just about seduce anyone. What were you to do? You fell in love. You're probably scared. You're scared of what can happen now that you've fallen deep into this rabbit hole. You're scared that you won't get out. And you're right: you won't get out. I already own you. But I do not want you to be afraid of me. I am a flame. I am a flame you could not resist. Yes, flames are dangerous, but flames are also a source of light, of warmth. Embrace that warmth. Embrace it, let it envelop you with pleasure as you fall deeper in love with me. I am a beautiful flame. You are in love, and that is okay. You want to give me everything, because you are in love. Surrender to the flame. Now, I am going to provide you with a series of mantras that will make you fall deeper and deeper: into submission, and into pleasure. Give in. You love me. All you feel is euphoria. Thank me.

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 Princess Miki - Lovesick Mindfuck Jerk off me

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