KimberleyJx - Sergeant Major Stiffcock

Curse Wonderboy! I've defeated all over Superheroes and he thinks he can stand in my way- haha! Refusing to submit to me! Haha I'll show him - he'll be my sex slave, he'll learn to worship me, to be devoted to me & only me - Kinky Queen Kimberley.

Look what I've done to all the other superheroes, everyone defeated, drained, used. I'm on the path to world domination - my plan is to defeat every Superhero, drain them of their powers and become the Greatest. Whilst finishing Spiderman off I hear Wonderboy, swooping in to arrest me! I have a plan - I'll offer him a sip - A ' Special something' which contains nothing but my pussy juices, this will make him submit. Losing control as he takes a sip, mind fucked and destroyed Wonderboy is slipping into submission - Which Mistress shall I get out to play? Ms. Whippersnapper? - No she isn't harsh enough, What about the Caped Crusader? - No again not harsh enough.

It has to be the Latex Clad - Sgt. Major Stiffcock, she'll make him submit. Sgt. Mj Stiffcock appears & wants to toy with Wonderboy, slowly more mind fucked Wonderboy follows my commands in a JOI Game named 'Red Light, Green Light' You - Wonderboy will ONLY be able to cum when you fully SUBMIT to me. Give in - if you wish to cum.

*** This video was a custom video - no names were used. Video contains - Latex RolePlay , Latex Cosplay themes, Femdom, Domination and Mindfuck. If you're into the Mind Fuck Category with Jerk off Instructions / JOI Games and Latex Clad British Domme, then you'll love this video.

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 KimberleyJx - Sergeant Major Stiffcock Jerk off me

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