HumiliationPOV - Brat Worship Hyp n0 s!s For Mindless Puppets

Yes I am a brat and do you know why? Because I can afford to be. I am beautiful, fit, and educated. I have so much going for me. And because of that I get whatever I want. So of course I’m going to exploit someone like you. I love acting like a spoiled little brat 2 inferior losers like you. I’m used to getting what I want. When you look like I do, when you act like I do, things come easily. And I use my charms, my bratty ways to get whatever I want. I know how to seduce you, to brainwash you, & to control you.

I am your superior brat goddess infiltrating your mind, taking you down that dark path, one step at a time. You’re beginning to feel so weak as I slowly take you deeper under my spell. You’re getting so horny, so stupid. Falling for me… Sinking into my spell…

Lose yourself in my perfection. Appreciate my superiority. This is what makes me the brat that I am. I can’t help it. I know that I am above you. I can’t help it that you are nothing but a worthless loser. Edge for me. Stroke for me. And soon you will do whatever I ask. And you will do it because I am so hot, so sensual and seductive. I am a brat worthy of your devotion. Pump faster for me puppet. Let me remind you who is in charge. I own your cock. I own you.

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