Goddess Alexandra Snow - The Trance Obsession

Alright boys, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Hypn0sis isn’t actually your fetish. Sure, you watch all of the videos in that category made by dozens of femdoms. But the reality is, none if that is real hypn0sis. Yes, there are some elements of real clinical hypn0therapy in my videos, but that’s not what makes you fall into trance. You make yourself go down. You’re so enveloped in this fantasy that without me ever having to do anything that’s involved in real hypn0therapy, you’re out like a light. It’s an insane concept, but it’s true. You are victim to your own fantasy. Even telling you this isn’t going to effect it. You’re so involved at this point that no matter what I do, you’ll go down for me every time. Even though nothing is happening in your head except for your own perception of how hypn0sis really works. The male mind is truly bizarre.

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Goddess Alexandra Snow - The Trance Obsession Jerk off me

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