Kylie Star - The Flavor of Satisfaction

I know there’s nothing more gratifying than the feeling you get when I let you cum for me, but in this clip I’m going to show you a way to derive even more intense pleasure from your orgasm. Maybe you’re new to cei and haven’t yet acquired a taste for it or maybe you’re an experienced cum swallowing enthusiast just looking for your fix. No matter what you think about cei this clip is designed to help you enjoy the experience on a whole new level. This clip is designed to take you into a dreamy, heavenly daze in which you will become highly vulnerable to my suggestions. Stroke as I use your arousal to take you deeper and deeper as your mind becomes overwhelmed by a natural high. Lose yourself in the euphoria of the moment as I deliver a powerful induction designed to shift your focus to a more uplifted, more sensual and receptive state of being. Become transfixed by my beauty as I transport your mind and body to a deeply blissful place as I build up the anticipation, preparing you for the grand finale where you lick up every delicious drop of that liquid satisfaction for me as you learn to associate the flavor with the ecstatic feeling of cumming at my command. ***This was a custom clip in which the name “Neil” is used***

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Kylie Star - The Flavor of Satisfaction Jerk off me

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