Princess Miki - Liberation Through Submission

I know a part of you is afraid of what I’m turning you into. You are afraid of how weak you are becoming, unable to resist My power and influence. It’s natural to be afraid of such changes, but I want to open your eyes to something else: I’m not turning you into anything.

I know you better than you know yourself, and while that may sound like a cliche, it’s the best way to state what’s obvious to Me. I’m not manipulating you or coercing you into becoming somebody you’re not. I’m uncovering the core of who you are.

You need to be freed from the mask you wear every day, the mask that makes breathing and existing tedious. You are tired of the mandatory costume and charade. The character you play and present to the world is not who you are.

What I’m “turning you into” is not what you are afraid of; you are afraid of facing your real identity. Yet, it feels so good, so right, to be naked and vulnerable before Me.

It is because this is who you are, and I’m helping you accept it.

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