Princess Miki - Eye Contact Obedience Training

The premise of this JOI is quite simple: look directly into My eyes, and you may stroke. Watch My body on the other side of the screen, and you may not stroke. Why?
The point of this exercise is to show you how traditional sexual stimuli are not what you need to feel truly aroused. The act of obedience is what is truly sexy, and simple eye contact and attentive listening is all you need to feel intense erotic pleasure.
This is both training and a demonstration. You will no longer look at My body as something inherently erotic. You will see it as a part of Me — a part of Me, which you worship — but you will no longer look at it as an object to aid in your arousal.
My eyes, and My voice, are what you truly need.
To obey is erotic. Everything else is secondary.

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Princess Miki - Eye Contact Obedience Training Jerk off me

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