Princess Miki - Reprogramming Via Ruined Orgasm

Perhaps you’ve been edging for weeks, or maybe you’ve been locked up, mentally or physically. I’m sure that for a long time, the ache in your balls served as a lovely reminder of Me and your dedication to Me, and although it still is in ways, the ache has gotten to a point that it’s nearly unbearable.
So, I will allow you to reach orgasm today, but only under one condition: you will obey Me every step of the way during this stroke session.
Even though you will see My body fading in and out on the screen, your job is to keep your eyes fixated on My eyes. You will not stroke to My body; today, My body is not porn. You will stroke to how good it feels to obey, to be a good boy.
You will not cum until the end of this clip, when I count you down and give you permission to cum. But instead of enjoying that orgasm you’ve been craving for days and days, you will let go at the last moment. You will ruin your orgasm for Me.
Your orgasm is for pragmatic purposes, not for shallow, sexual gratification. You are still in the process of being trained to only find real sexual gratification through obedience.

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Princess Miki - Reprogramming Via Ruined Orgasm Jerk off me

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