Goddess Natalie - Female supremacy mindfuck

Welcome to my world – a world in which the only alpha gender is the female, and you, as a male, were born inferior. Your only purpose is to serve and be useful to women. You only exist to make us women happy. You must work very hard on a daily basis to gain the approval of Goddesses, since all women are naturally Goddesses. This training will take you just a little bit deeper and teach you how to behave around women. Because I know how weak and submissive you always get for the sound of my voice, I turned this into a nice little h.y.p.n.o session that will fuck with your mind. I want you to be totally naked for me, have a notebook or some paper ready, a pen to write with and put your headphones on, so you can properly listen to me. 3…2….1 GO!

MP4 * 802 MB * 00:18:10 * 1280x720

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