Goddess Natalie - Mesmerized to clean tidy up

Welcome back to dreamland, my obedient little puppet. Are you ready for a new experience? I think it is time for us to go a bit deeper, and since it’s the end of the week, I bet you have lots of clutter gathered around the house that needs tidying up Probably lots of mess as well, so I’m gonna want you to clean all of that up. But to make things more interesting, this recording is going to take you deep into trance and only after you’ve been fully mesmerized, you will begin cleaning your environment for about 10 minutes. Make sure that you are wearing your headphones with a portable device or that this recording is on speakers, so you can follow all my lingering suggestions while listening to my entrancing voice. After training with this clip, your daily cleaning routine will be entirely changed, which will only make you a better servant for me. You will enjoy it more, feel filled up with energy every time you do it, get a calming sensation from following my commands regarding chores, and you will turn into the ideal domestic slave any Goddess could ever dream of. I know, right? You’re welcome! Now go ahead and properly thank me for this amazing opportunity – the only way a slave like you can do so: by opening your wallet. After all that’s the only big enough thing you have to impress a girl with.

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