Demon Goddess J - Bimbo Brain Wash

It’s time to take this transformation deeper. I know you crave dick like a good slut, but to be the best whore you can be we need to empty that mind of any other desire. Any other thought. Only my voice and a hot throbbing cock remain. Don’t you love to be a good bimbo for me? I’ll teach you how to love it. How to arch your back and pout your lips, how to suck deeper and fuck deeper and look prettier for me. Show me your big tear stained eyes while you bounce for me.. that’s a good slut. You’re going to find it all so easy after you listen to this mind melting audio file. Loop it endlessly while your mind goes numb and your holes bloom for me. That’s good.

MP4 * 792 MB * 00:39:25 * 1920x1080

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