Hypnotic Natalie - The snow queen's kiss

If you ever watched or read Hans C, Andersen’s story about the Snow Queen, you most probably know what to expect from such a kiss. A poisonous kiss coming from the ice-cold lips of the Snow Queen will slowly make you forget about everything and everyone else, while you become more and more focus on her.

On me! I am the only one that matters this new year’s eve, and I am the only one that will matter in the new year, as well! There is no one else that matters just as much, and you know it! Your whole existence revolves around pleasing me and making me happy, meeting my needs, wants and desires!

And with this clip, I am going to take you one step deeper down that rabbit hole of addiction, all while making my plans a little clearer once you’ll be put into a deep, cock-throbbing trance! Plans that you may have not even realized I had all along! Today, I am going to fuck you hard and fast, but I’m not talking about your cock, of course – nobody wants to fuck that anyway!

MP4 * 1.49 GB * 00:26:17 * 1920x1080

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