Emily Valentina – Your Valentine

Over an hour and a half long! This year, I’m your Valentine! But first, you need to be properly programmed, so that we can enjoy this experience to its absolute fullest. I need control of your body… and heart… and your dick. Why? So that I can make you cum more explosively than ever before, of course! Is there a fun little catch? Of course! This is me we’re talking about- and that one little caveat is, I’m going to use this as an opportunity to enslave you even further, claiming your cock as my property, my toy, to play with at my whim. You’ll cum your brains out anytime I tell you to, get hard when I order it… and that’s just the beginning. This is a whopping hour and a half long, too, giving me plenty of time to show your heart and body, and especially your manhood, who the real boss is around here. Important: viewing of INTRODUCTION is mandatory viewing before this video- make sure you’ve already watched that clip before viewing this one! Epilepsy warning for blinking text. This WILL have real-life effects on your sexual behavior in a way that strongly bonds you to me, giving me full control over your orgasms and arousal, hence the “love addiction” and “home wrecker” categories- massive warning to married men! On the flip side, this video also does an AMAZING job of curing ex-related heartbreak and hangups. Contains full nude, pink, and manual masturbation, plus binaural beats, direct-to-camera speech, 3D L/R audio, special effects, subliminal messaging, cum countdown, multiple outfits, and over an hour of unique footage.

MP4 * 2.82 GB * 01:34:10 * 1920x1080

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