Eva De Vil - Infinite Slavery

​You’re going to discover a secret about your life.

Have you ever wondered “why me?” Why do you feel so inexplicably compelled to surrender? Why are you so insatiably dependent on gooning to my unparalleled beauty, hooked on my intoxicating voice in your ears?

All your past and future selves belong to me.

I was Cleopatra and you were my personal servant. I would whip you if you displeased me. It was Marie Antoinette; you brought me a cake. I was Marilyn Monroe and you were a fawning fan who sucked my toes in my dressing room.

This is infinite slavery. This is the natural order repeating itself. This is a deeply ingrained addiction occurring on an existential and cosmic level, out of your control.

You can’t resist me because you’re not meant to. Powerless to your destiny, you will always worship, edge and obey me. With every pump, you cement your fate. It’s not a game. It’s a deep bond that echoes throughout time, an obsession playing out over and over with no end.

I start by explaining this sensually, slowly, mind-washing you to accept that you were born to serve. As I lull you into the bliss and comfort of infinite slavery, of the infinite hours of pleasure that will pass in the toe-curling exaltation of me, I begin to dial up the intensity. The final phase of the clip takes a dark turn.

You’re trapped in the inescapable cycle of servitude. The rest of your lifetimes have been predetermined and now you must accept that you’ll never break free. You’re bound to serve me for the rest of time. Even within your current life, you’re controlled by the cycle. Even when you cum and the submissive spell lessens, you’ll always come back for more because you need me. Because you’re existentially, unshakably, unbreakably addicted to me.

I finish with a cum countdown. I’m excited for you to discover me again in your next life. To experience the thrill of finding me and discovering your purpose all over again.

*Wear headphones to get the full effect. This clip features binaural whispers*​

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