Countess Jezebeth - Recalibrate

I've got you right where I want you, in this alternate reality, completely obedient to Me. Mind fucked. Controlled. I know you fear Me, you haven't been looking forward to seeing Me again because you never know what types of tests I will make you take for Me. In order for you to stay in line, it's important that you follow through wit every test diligently. I may take you to great lengths, so beware. But you'll handle it because it's necessary to reset you, recalibrate you. Scent is the sense with the strongest connection to the brain, so I dose you with aroma to remain present for the tests. With each dosing, you'll find yourself falling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of dehumanization. I will test your pain tolerance by slapping your balls, tormenting your nipples and of course, your mind. You will also be Encouraged to worship Me in a number of ways, ways different than what you were previously used to such as worshipping the lowest parts of Me and ultimately being My toilet, drinking My divinity. By the end of our trip of mindfucking torment, you will realize exactly what you are despite your high state. You will feel normal. You will feel exactly how you are supposed to. You will feel broken. But ultimately, you will be fixed, you will be reset, you will be My favorite little test subject.

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