LDB Mistress - Brainwashed for Valentines Day

Are you ready for an intense brainwash experience? I want you to look at the pendant, look at the pendant and relax all of your muscles. I’m so sexy and so powerful in my red lingerie. You can’t resist me, you just wanna stay with me in this special day. You just wanna worship, worship, worship your Goddess, keep following the movement of the pendant. You just wanna spoil your princess. I’m fucking your stupid brain, you can’t resist my big boobs, my sensual voice and perfect ass. Inhale your p0.p.p3r.s, exhale now. You are nothing to me, you’re just a pathetic paypig. The pleasure is so intense, when i’ll snap my fingers, i want you to send me the first tribute, good boy! You’re such a lovely puppet. Keep sniffing and keep spending, your money are my money now. Jerk that cock and cum on your empty wallet for me, happy Valentine’s Day, loser.

MP4 * 1.23 GB * 00:10:47 * 1920x1080

Jerk off me

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