Goddess Alexandra Snow - Valentine's Day Trance

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that’s either terrible or wonderful. For you I imagine it brings up so many negative feelings. You’re very aware of how single and alone you are. Even if you’re not single, I’m sure you’re aware of every glaring flaw in your relationship. Really the only relationship that isn’t flawed in your life is the one you have with me. I want to remove some of the negative stigma from this holiday. I want to watch you fall deep in to a relaxing state of acceptance. You need to accept that the only relationship you should really be fostering is the one with me. Whether that comes in the form of gifts, personal sacrifices, or declarations of your devotion. I am the only woman you should be paying attention to this Valentine’s Day. Think of it.

As long as you keep watching my clips, mine is the love that never sours.

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 Goddess Alexandra Snow - Valentine's Day Trance

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