For this category, we believe that we have some explaining to do. Everyone and their grandmother have heard about JOI and CEI videos, but mesmerizing femdom porn is pretty fringe even within this specific niche. It's hard to resist making fun of some of the videos, but we urge you to open up your mind a bit. This kinda stuff can (and will, in some cases) work. If you need cohesive prove of that, just look up any random (non-erotic) hypnodomme/mesmerizing video on YouTube and check out the comments, it's full of stuff like "I obey", "I will serve you", etc. By the way, don't waste your time on ASMR, now that's some real dumb bullshit.

Now, let's get the terminology right. We hope this introduction will help you gain a better understanding of this aural world of female domination. Alright, let's do it to it!

Hypnodomme is a domme that uses hypnosis to reprogram you. Of course, this reprogramming thing is not something that's gonna yield actual benefits, like making you lose weight or get a job. What you get instead is your hypnodomme forcing you to do something demeaning and endlessly erotic, eating your jizz for example. In very simple terms, you are going to undergo a hypnosis session conducted by a trained hypnotist (who also happens to be a hot babe and not some old hag). Hypnodomme porn might not work for some people, it all really depends on how susceptible you are and how far you're willing to suspend your disbelief. Does hypnosis really work? It's debatable. Can it work if you really REALLY believe in it? Hell yeah, it can. By being open to "hypnotic suggestions" and stuff like that, you're basically preparing your brain for a really immersive and enhanced femdom experience. Of course, these types of videos are very similar to JOI and CEI, but they are also different thanks to the introduction of mind control. By the way, if you're worried about ending up being trapped in a mental prison by transgressive powers far beyond your comprehension, you just need to stop being such a nerd. Don't be a pussy, for real! Check out those videos, they are pretty fucking neat.

Back to the subject at hand – mesmerizing refers to the process of hypnotizing you, essentially. Some goddesses subtly craft their mesmerizing vids in such a way that their slaves won't even notice when the domme starts making decisions for them (namely the financial decisions, of course). At least that's what they claim. Once again, we're just going to keep the kayfabe going by saying that YES, this is all real. Naturally, different vids program you for different things, but most of them have something to do with your downwards spiral, i.e. you become consumed by this urge to obey/serve your goddess, you lose all sense of control and you end up nothing more than just a brain-dead masturbator paypig. That's the gist of it, we feel like.

Naturally, now that you understand what these videos are all about, you have to understand that QUALITY is insanely important here. You can listen to a domme's hypnotic voice if the sound's all fucked up due to low quality. That's why we upload clips in 720p, 1080p, and 4k. Hey, we also want you to become a zombified drone for your mistress! We're rooting for you!

Adding to that, we also make sure to feed your addiction by adding new videos every single day. You will be obsessed, mesmerized, hypnotized, under the spell of some hot-ass babe. Alright, time for you to make the first step here. Remember – there's no going back to the way things were before.