Emiliana XIII - 100 Years Of Slavery

You come around back to your office late at night to finish a project your team needed to get done by the next day. When you walk inside, you see me suddenly appear out of thin air, holding one of your many books. You like to collect various occult texts and books detailing the use of the dark arts and also information about otherworldly creatures, such as Vampires. I can read minds and know YOU have been wanting become a creature like me. Not to mention all the crazy sexual fantasies I’ve seen you imagine being involved in. I tell you that my kind are often sympathetic to humans who recognize us as a superior species so you’re in luck.. Although you definitely won’t be getting into any extravagant sexual encounters just yet, I decide that I am going to keep you in a cellar below the basement of the building for 100 years, hidden away. You’re going to be my new slave and I’ll use you for my weekly feedings. I can tell you’re getting excited. The best thing? If you’re a very good little slave and serve me well, I will turn YOU into a vampire at the end of your time served. Starting your servitude off right away, I taunt you, tease you, strip down, and fondle my big tits. You get lost in my movements and sense everything slow down. You feel like you’re in a trance-like state watching me swaying my hips from side to side. I want you to get your cock nice and hard for me! I give you jerk off instruction making sure you know how hungry I am. In the end I give you a countdown from five to zero and when you cum, I sink my teeth right into your cock viciously staring up at the camera. Welcome to slavery, my new play thing.

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