Princess Lexie - Lexie Is Your Type

I heard that you told a friend that 'I'm not your type', so I'm here to completely seduce you and prove you wrong. Although I find your resistance cute, it's totally pointless. Watch Me as I easily demonstrate My power over you. you aren't able to take your eyes off of Me, even for a second. I can tell that you are completely taken with Me, you can't hide your attraction any longer. I tease you about this: "Oh you don't want me? Then what's that bulge in your pants? Why do you look so dazed?". I realize that you're already completely under My spell and I tell you to repeat after Me: "Lexie is so beautiful. Lexie is My only type.". This just reinforces your total submission to Me. What about when I lick My lips? Or My fingertips? Doesn't that drive you crazy? I know it does. Do you know how powerful I am? Do you have any idea what I'm capable of? I'm going to countdown, and when I get to '1' you will orgasm. Completely hands-free. Ready?

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