Princess Miki - Lost In An Endless Goon Loop, Let The Loop Consume You

This loop mindfuck clip has no beginning and no end. It has been designed to be a complete loop, the end simply blends back to the beginning so you never know where you are in the clip. The clip starts in the middle, there is no beginning, so make sure you're already jerking before you begin, as the clip drops you right into the middle of a goon loop. (Before you play this clip, select the 'loop' option on your player and you will be completely lost in this clip.) There is no end. It just loops and loops, you'll be so stuck that you'll forget how many times you've listened to it, you will be consumed by the loop for hours, unable to stop, unable to cum, just lost in a goon loop.

Keep gooning, that's what you're going to be doing all night for me. How deep into it are you now? What round of the loop is it? What time is it? How long have you been at it? You don't care to know, you don't need to know, you don't want to know. You can't even feel time going by. It's because you can't think. Because when you enter the goon state, you willingly lose your mind through the act of stroking. Or are you really willingly doing this? It is out of free will that you're here?

Your cock tells you what to do. Your cock wants you to stroke it, so you obey it. And when you commit to stroking, you commit to stroking for hours and hours because you've conditioned yourself to understand that nothing feels better. Even if the consequences are losing hours and hours, wasting away night after night to this little addiction of yours because your cock controls your mind. That's why you're here, entering the loop of gooning bliss. And that's why you came here, because you knew how good it was going to feel to be told in an endless loop to keep stroking. You can't keep your hand off of your cock. It's the only thing you can feel, the motion of your hand going up and down, up and down on your overstimulated gooner cock. It's all you can feel and all you want to feel.

And that's part of the appeal of gooning, isn't it? Part of the appeal is that this allows you to leave behind all other thoughts and just focus on the pleasure. And because of this I know you're not close to being done tonight. And the same thing is going to happen tomorrow and the next day and the next day. You're going to come back because this clip isn't the only thing that's a loop, your entire life is a loop. The constant cycle of chronic masturbation where you enter the goon state is also a loop, isn't it? This is where you love to be so you keep coming back and wasting your sex life in the palm of your hand, another night of gooning to porn. This is a cycle, this is a loop, you keep going deeper down the rabbit hole of porn and masturbation.

You're too deep now, you're not ready to stop because you can't keep your hand off of your cock. It feels too good to take your hand off of your cock but right now you will. Hands off. I know you've probably been to this part a few times already tonight but I love it each time you stop and let your cock twitch and throb. It twitches and throbs because you desperately need to touch your cock. It's what you live for, right little gooner? You're already begging for permission to stroke again. I know. But not yet, just a little bit longer of twitching and throbbing. Good boy, now start jerking again.

You little freak, you could barely survive that brief time without your cock in your hand, that's how addicted you are, that's how stuck your hand is to your cock. It's stuck in that motion. Like a zombie or a puppet, you keep going, up and down, up and down. You can't think, can you? Don't think, just focus on stroking without cumming, you don't want to cum, you don't need to cum, that would end the loop. And the loop feels too good, you want to be sucked into it. You want to keep spinning around in the pleasure of the loop. You want to continue to get fucked up on your drug of choice, over and over again. The loop just keeps going, it doesn't end, you won't let it end.

Don't worry, it doesn't have to end, you can just keep wasting away your night. Just keep gooning and gooning. Don't think, don't worry about the time or how long you've been here, just keep doing what you do best, keep jerking, keep gooning. Just keep getting further zombified. You're stuck in this loop. There is no escape. It never ends. Your life is a loop, each day is a loop, so just keep...

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