Dombe Bomb Shell - Robot domination! Advanced Robot Machine h*y*p*n*o

Humans have created robots to be the ultimate sex machines. But somethings gone wrong, machines start to think for themselves and begin enslaving humans. People are imprisoned, tied up and headsets placed over their heads which sends them into a virtual world whilst their bodies are teased and milked endlessly. The clip starts from here: Everything is dark (use a dark background throughout) I'm trapped in this virtual world then you appear. Tell me that you're an advanced robot sex machine, your speciality is pleasuring my c*ck. You will provide me with endless hours of c*ck milking for the rest of my life. I struggle & try to take the headset off my head but I'm tied too tightly. You laugh at me. There is no escape, I'm your slave now and you'll pump and suck my co*k all day without rest. Suddenly I feel a robotic jelly mouth slide over my c*ck. "Lets begin shall we Ed". Now I'm trapped in your soft jelly mouth you will stop at nothing to make me cum. Tease me with your body and tell me to surrender to the milking machine. Say "The stroking actions have been perfected over many hours of sperm extraction. Enabling me to provide a mind blowing erotic dance on your c*ck. I can go very slowly. Building you up and keeping you on the edge. Or I can go fast and coerce you to erupt quickly." You're a cum addicted robot that will stop at nothing to make me ejaculate over and over again

MP4 * 1.25 GB * 00:21:54 * 1920x1080

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