Mistress Taylor Knight - PURRFECT ADDICTION

Grab your Aroma & headphone for this one! Weeks in the making, as I shared my BTS on twitter of this video, I know you have been waiting & sitting on the edge of your seat for the release of this amazing MINDFUCK!! Mistress Taylor will take you into her parallel universe! Down to ever move my PERFECT body makes, and sound in this video, it is guaranteed to make you watch it again & again! I DO NOT CALL MANY VIDEOS A WORK OF ART, THIS 1 IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER YOU HAVE EVER SEEN! Watch every move your PURRFECT goddess makes… There is 1 rule to this video, YOU ARE NOT allowed to Jerk until my very sneeky JOI at the end, I want to make sure you have fully entered into my world, and have you in complete MIND FUCKERY 1st!!! I won Fetish model of the year for a reason, and this video is the perfect representation of why!! At the very end I enclosed a beautiful present for you! I Expose-Fantasy my PERFECT Goddess Natural tits! You may think it is evil for me to do this…to get you this addicted, but I guarantee you, once you enter the universe of Mistress Taylor, your life will be enriched for the better.. All you will think about after this video is….Taylor..Taylor…Taylor.. Don’t worry little minion…I have BIG plans for you!! xoxo, Your addiction for life, Tay

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