Goddess Alexandra Snow - The Faerie Queen: Light Into Dark

The beautiful Seelie Faerie Princess sits before you on her throne. She is distraught with the news that she has been promised to marry a dark Unseelie Prince to unite their two kingdoms. She is gentle and wise, while the Prince is evil and treacherous. She does not love this Prince, she loves you. Her loyal servant. She concocts a plan to run away with you. She'll don a disguise and leave her Kingdom to be with her love. You can feel your heart beating hard in your chest. But the minute she puts on her disguise... something happens. A change falls upon her. What was once fair and pure turns into something erotic and dark. What curse has the Dark Prince laid upon her? What will she do with this new found power?

MP4 * 431 MB * 00:11:34 * 1280x720

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