Phase 6 - Sanctuary of Seduction

You were so easily lead to this point, Phase 6.
So eager you are to lose your mind once again to me.
There's no need to think, puppet.
Just listen to the words that own you.
And jerk that needy dick.

You're mindless.
Obedient for me.
I am your sanctuary.
You are ready to pledge your devotion to me eternally.
You want to belong to me.

No other woman could fulfill you as your devotion to me does.
You think of me every morning, all day and every night.
Because you need me.
You ache for me every morning.
Long for me throughout the day.
Lust for me every night.
Because I control you.
You crave to serve me.
Because I own you.

You can feel the excitement building already.
Your mind and body know what's about to happen.
You're already responding to my words.
Your thoughts are drifting far away.
Your body is loose and comfortable.
Your cock swells in anticipation.
You know your hunger is about to be sated.

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Phase 6 - Sanctuary of Seduction

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