Miss Tiffany - Deleting Your Alpha Programming From Your Brain - Beta Acceptance

Some of you still believe that you are alphas. You still cling on to this belief that you are an alpha man who just happens to enjoy being submissive once in awhile. This clip will completely erase any remaining thoughts you may still have that you are an alpha. You are not. You are not an alpha. You are a beta. A submissive. We need to completely wipe out and delete any hope you have of ever being an alpha.

This clip has some very special programming to do just that, completely delete your alpha programming from your brain. From the color of the screen to the coding within it, it has been carefully designed using memory erasing techniques, to wipe that thought from your mind forever. The audio is mesmerizing and is back by a unique binaural tone used to induce memory loss. Once you listen to this program, you will no longer have any doubt that you are a beta.

You used to think you were an alpha before you came to the realization that you are not. You are definitely a beta. You see you never were an alpha. You were meant to serve, you were meant to obey. But every once in awhile these 'alpha' thoughts creep into your mind and you think you're not the beta bitch that you truly are.

Through my words and my mesmerizing voice, I'm going to completely delete those alpha thoughts that still linger in your brain. And I know that deep down inside, that's what you want, it's what you need. You were never meant to be a an alpha. And I'm going to reprogram you because I want nothing more than for you to be the best submissive for me you can be. And the best way to do that is to completely erase any remaining alpha thoughts in your stupid little brain.

Stroke your cock, it will help your retain all the information that I am going to give you while simultaneously helping to erase your alpha brain. Those stupid alpha remains are going to empty right out of that brain of yours.

MP4 * 675 MB * 00:09:07 * 1920x1080

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