Goddess Natalie - Mesmerizing breath play

I recently asked you in a poll on my Twitter page if you like h.y.p.n.o play and which kind is your favorite. Although most of you are completely addicted to my mind control games, with no way of return, some also answered that they'd like to experiment a little more breath play.

Since this is one of my favorite things to do with my little subbies, as well, and since I never dedicated a whole video to it before, here is a little weekend surprise for you. In place of a "Happy Weekend" greeting, I put together a little mesmerizing video that will allow you to push your limits while you listen to my entrancing voice and follow my instructions for some breath play.

All I'm gonna need you to do for this is to put your headphones on and sit as comfortably as possible. There is no need to be naked or touch yourself for this video, but you're allowed to touch if you will feel like doing so. Simply relax and allow me to guide your steps, trust me and obey!

MP4 * 1.45 GB * 00:15:14 * 1904x1088

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