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Welcome to Experiment of the mind

I am super excited to introduce to you * Experiment of the mind*

This is a genuine and a very real Trance file.

I have spent a vast amount of days and hours designing this file, I really wanted to delve deep in to the human mind

The motherboard that makes us unique, I started asking myself questions, could I merely corrupt your original design?

Could I delete those all important files that you keep deep in your subconscious? Or even just twist them and bend them to what I want?

Could I gain full control? Could I really use the techniques I’ve learnt to gain access to your very core? The answer YES I can!

You see the mind is a wonderful tool and gaining access requires special skills, like those that I use in my files, BUT

This file is different I feel, it’s going back to my roots when I first started writing Hy%£[email protected], this file is much deeper than anything I’ve produced of late

I think this file will blow your mind literally, using everything I’ve learnt this is going to be a truly unique experiment, experiment of your deep mind.

I’d like all participants to give me feedback on this file, I’d like to hear from you and your experience with my experiment, I want to see how

Each individual is different and what impact this file has on your mind.

IMPORTANT WARNING: This File CONTAINS FLASHING and as such is not suitable for those who suffer from seizures or epilepsy. DO NOT partake in this file or listen to the audio from this file while driving, operating machinery or carrying out any task that requires your complete concentration. By purchasing this file you agree that you have read this warning and agree to it fully. You agree to take full legal responsibility for any outcome that may occur either positive, negative or otherwise and you agree not to hold Annabel Grace, it's subsidiaries or affiliates responsible for any outcomes that may occur as a result of listening to this file.

MP4 * 1.36 GB * 00:28:39 * 1920x1088

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